The goal of Shakeenab Consulting Services is to educate, train and inspire individuals to go beyond their current level of productivity, regardless of their focus areas. This is accomplished by reshaping thoughts, instilling a sense of purpose, increasing the use of critical-thinking skills, and re-aligning sights.


The overarching purpose of Shakeenab Consulting Services is to meet the client needs in 2015 by providing professional presentations, training, and product development.
Take time to explore this website, learn more about the programs and products offered, and then call (or email) to discuss support for your individual or organization's needs.

Speaking and Training Services

As a Speaker and Trainer, I engage in the transformational growth of individuals, organizations, and community programs by providing:

~ Professional Development Presentations.

~ Structured Workshops and
   Staff Training Sessions.

~ Talent Management Training and Consultant Activities.

Visit the Training Events' page, click BOOK NOW, or see the contact information to inquire.

Social Contribution

As a Social Contributor, I support local educational and youth mentoring organizations by giving time, resources and imparting knowledge.

~ Provide over $15K annually to local youth scholarship and programs.

~ Volunteer with LEAP ORG (a youth mentoring organization) and organizational leader.

~ Partake in philanthropic activities.