Joe Shakeenab

Joe ShakeenabIn life, it’s rarely about what you attain for self. Rather, true beauty is measured by your creativity, constructive energy, humbleness, and those you help.

As a passionate builder of young men and women, Joe uses the insightful sessions of key-leader engagements, extensive research and continued interactions with educational and business organizations to groom the next generation of sustainers and leaders. He takes pleasure in imparting measurable knowledge by training and mentoring. He conducts training sessions to create growth that elevates individuals, organizations and aspects of the community. He accomplishes this by implanting tools that are used to effectively cultivate the required transformational skills to excel in critical areas.

He is a former Special Forces – Green Beret with a rich understanding of Middle Eastern culture and the Arabic language. As a Green Beret, he was fortunate to spend 20 years of service with the 5th Special Forces Group. During his years of military duty, he traveled extensely to the Middle East and the Horn of Africa where he trained others to influence their conditions in order to facilitate better opportunities. Today, he continues to apply this concept of critical thinking, especially when presenting to and coaching our young adults.

Over the years he has developed a love of writing. From the pages of spilled ink, he shares some philosophical insight on developing as a leader and the importance of shaping one’s mental readiness. His products accompany his presentations to reinforce the need for systematic and measurable growth.


Master’s in Strategic Leadership (with Honors – GPA 3.92). APSU. Clarksville, TN. 2014

Bachelor of Science in Public Management. APSU. Clarksville, TN. 2004

Snapshot of Current Community Leadership Engagements:

President, Board of Directors, L.E.A.P. Org, Clarksville, TN. Term: 2012-2015. Concentrates on program awareness, public relations, attracting quality volunteers, and increasing funding by 20% annually.

President, APSU Military Alumni Chapter, Clarksville, TN. Term: 2014-2017. Concentrates on building a proactive Chapter and scholarship endowments. Currently working on the CSM(R) Sidney Brown Scholarship Endowment.

APSU Tower Club member, 2013 to present. Concentrates on understanding the blueprint for long-term financial investments to advance the university in key areas.

Demonstrated Leadership:

LEAP Above & Beyond Award 2015. Awarded during the LEAP Youth Gala in Clarksville, TN in Jan 2015.

Rev. Jerry Jerkins Community Service Award 2014. Awarded at the Clarksville, TN Branch of the NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Banquet in Oct 2014 

Governors Extended Community Service Award 2014. Awarded at APSU Student Organization and Leader Award Ceremony in Apr 2014

U.S. Army, Command Language Program of the Year Award 2009. Awarded at the Defense Language Institute Seminar in Aug 2009.

U.S. Special Operations Command, Command Language Program of the Year Award,  2007-2009

U.S. Army Special Forces Staff Officer, 2004-2010

U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Leader, Trainer, and Advisor. Areas of Focus: The Middle East and the Horn of Africa, 1991-2003