Presentation, How We Use Our Knowledge

As young leaders and sustainers of today and tomorrow, it is vital to assess how you use your knowledge and how you measure your efforts. Students, family members, and supporting staff attended this event.

Presentation, Guiding Our Future Leaders

It is imperative that we give our KSA’s to the next generation. Approx. 40 business leaders from across the community attended this event.


The mission continues as we aid our younger service members and Veterans. Our abilities to aid our hurting Veterans and their families are instrumental in ensuring they live meaningful lives. Approx. 200 people attended.

AP Business presentation, 10 Oct

“One Step Ahead” for APSU Business Students. It is an honor to provide business students with an outlook on what it takes to succeed by selective training and a measurable approach to education. Approx 40 students attended.

APSU Achievers and Scholars, Jan 2015

There is much work to be conducted on behalf of educating young men on their use of knowledge. I’m grateful for being able to contribute to their achievement.