City Council Ward 12

Vote Joe Shakeenab

“Experience, Education, Engagement”

Experience Counts!

President of the APSU National Alumni Associate (2019-current) – Syncs efforts on the NAA executive board, and builds alumni support of activities for APSU, its students, faculty and staff.

President of the APSU Military Alumni Chapter (2016-current) – Conducts annual scholarship events to generate funds for scholarship endowments at APSU.

President of the board of directors for LEAP (2012-2015) – Grew budget through grant writing in excess of $200K plus.

Command Language Program Manager (Director) 5th Special Forces Group (2004-2010)

  • Managed a $M+ operational budget without fiscal error. Understands how to validate and prioritize spending.
  • Planned for and facilitated the annual foreign language training for 1,200 personnel. 
  • Provided mentorship to a faculty and staff of 28 personnel.
  • Identified and resourced equipment and supplies required to enhance the program.
  • Revised training guidance, conducted research for, and provided recommendations for policies at the unit, Army, and Special Operations Command levels.
  • Received the US Special Operations Command – Language Program of the Year 2007, 2008, 2009.

Education Counts!

Leadership Clarksville Montgomery County School System (Class of 2018) – Received monthly classes on how our school system works, its administrative agendas, successes, and challenges.

Leadership Clarksville (Class of 2017) – Received monthly classes on city and county government, as well as various critical agencies.

Attended military leadership and civilian courses where I learned how to be a more effective staff officer, facilitator, and leader.

This education aligns with my role as a city councilman, to include conducting a vulnerability assessment, grants, budgeting, advocacy, and interpersonal communication.

Engagement Counts!

Serves as a facilitator and trainer to more than 10 separate organizations in the Clarksville community, to educate, uplift, and inspire a defined audience.

Financially supports and serves with the Joint Conference on Juvenile Justice.

Continuously assists neighbors and elderly Veterans in the community. I am accessible!

An active listener, always willing to learn about what’s important to others and how we can build a better Clarksville.