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Your words, our passion!

If you have comments regarding the way my message inspired you or increased productivity in others,  feel free to let me know.


Harrisburg, PA Schools
True Talent! Joe stirs thought and productive conversations with the audience. He has the ability to connect, then shape the thinking of young men. He comes with the perfect blend of experience, education and passion for training others. Quite Gifted!  His presentations , and their effect on the audience, are well worth the cost!
Floyd Stokes
CEO: American Literacy Corporation (ALC).
Motivational Presentation, Daymar Institute
Mr. Shakeenab is a high impact speaker! He relates to the audience by framing a path of success. He is a plus for the active and former military students. He comes with relative “goal-setting” concepts that are invaluable to students and organizations.
Mrs. Sims
Teacher, Daymar Institute
Clarksville, TN 



Motivational Presentation, Miller-Motte Technical College
Mr Shakeenab kept it real by challenging us to excel in and outside of the classroom. We learned the significance of individual responsibility, quality of service, and the value of relationships as future Cosmetologists.  My sense of purpose has definitely changed!
Emily, Cosmetology Student
Miller-Motte Technical College
Clarksville, TN 



APSU Career Networking
“Ever just meet one of those people that just make you feel like you can take over the world? I met one of those today… Joe Shakeenab.” 
Alissa Peek
Student, APSU
Clarksville, TN  
Youth Mentoring Session, Tabernacle Baptist Church
Brother Joe, your ability to reach, engage, and move the youth is a testament to your passion. I thank you and appreciate you! Always know that you are welcome to join us at anytime. Whenever the spirit moves you, feel free to come, share with, and shape our youths.
Pastor Terry
Sr. Pastor
Clarksville, TN
Veterans Day Event, Richview Middle School 
Joe, what an outstanding motivational presentation. You were AWESOME! I can’t tell you how much everyone enjoyed you. Many of the teachers sent emails of positive comments on behalf of the speaker. They loved how you engaged and challenged the students. Thanks again.
Dr. Summerville
Asst Principal, CMCSS
Clarksville, TN



 A Soaring Eagle
Joe, you have a classy way of channeling the energy of others. Your compassionate drive to elevate young people allows you to convey deep thoughts consistently, while infusing creativity in the audience. Your products reflect your guidance to channel others towards achievement. From high grounds, may you always be blessed to bring a balance of structure and calm in the lives of young men.
Mr. Azan, Owner, Merba’s Gallery
Clarksville, TN                 
Your Inspiration
Joe , your inspiration is greatly needed for our youth in a society facing numerous challenges both inside and outside the home. Your personal story and positive message will resonate well. I encourage individuals experiencing a lack of intrinsic motivation, family support, internal or external limitations, or circumstances beyond their control to visit your website, hear your message, and engage in your challenges. They will be amazed at what you have to offer in wisdom and experiences. I personally thank you for all of your knowledge and insight that you have shared with me. It has truly added value to my life. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. 
Mr. Dixon, Leadership Instructor
Memphis, TN 



You are amazing
My blessing is that I know you and witnessed your remarkable journey. Many of us live and reside in darkness, you my friend are a torchlight that guides many of us into your glow. Keep doing what you do.
Mr. Warner Eley, Program Director
Alexandria, VA.