In Order to Become, We Must Be!

There is a need for arousing activities that foster a deeper connection to young minds and a need to enhance the indisputable correlation that unites us. This requires activity.
We must be the link to set direction through empowerment while working side-by-side to guide. This relationship must enable us to address conditions, concerns, and to facilitate motion. It must enable us to foresee a future of prosperity.
We must be about the business of fulfilling our identified needs. From the bottom up, beginning at the individual level, we must engage higher-level decision-making. No one must settle for where we are!  
We must be passionate about awakening young students, young adults, and aspiring leaders to their often-overlooked purpose and actually embrace what research states so clearly about the power of positive relationships. We must do this through constructive exposure to the principles of belief, work, and nobility. This enables growth.
We must be idealists who tell the stories that need telling in order to plan, guide, and motivate others to change the things that need changing. We must sit at their tables and design strategies. This sets the tone for a clear vision.
We must be the engagers, mindful to include the under-resourced individuals (especially our students, teachers, and trainers) as well as to reach out to and engage parents in a reassuring way that teaches their children and our young adults to succeed.
The importance of being all-inclusive at the operational levels cannot be overstated. This equates to formulating, accepting, and implementing a cohesive effort.
We must be the ones to patrol the halls of darkness and uplift people from the negative places in their lives so they can see the positive attributes of their potential, thus allowing them to become more than what they currently see in themselves. We must be that positive reinforcement that redirects paths. We must pursue this mission. This exhibits compassion.
We must be a voice of clarity in this new, multi-cultural, multi-generational business arena. This voice of clarity transforms how we view traditions, social contact, philosophies of team building, information sharing, and earnings. By definition, this promotes diversity.
We must be business professionals, gifted in the art of communication, and armed with ancient knowledge which when applied allegorically, helps others to maximize the abundance of potential encircling their lives. This exemplifies an abstract approach to character building.
We must be committed to providing meaningful tools to create a community culture, which is supportive, welcoming, and all-encompassing of ideas. By joining hands and strengthening others with our caring hearts, we facilitate shared future profits.
We must be not only the heart, but also the backbone of the home, schools, community, and the business world. We must give, and go the additional mile for others, without the expectation of reward or recognition. By default, this demonstrates leadership and mentorship.
Before our day is done, we must be able to manage stress, mitigate risk, and gain strength to produce even more tomorrow. We are the restless. If we are ever To Become, then today, We Must Be