For Which We Stand


We stand with great wisdom that we must safeguard and package for the next generation to achieve their definable levels of greatness. We cultivate confidence and self-esteem so each individual has the freedom to grow. Our thoughts, actions and culture must remain aligned with integrity because nobility truly belongs to us.

We tend to advance in exploration and the presentation of ideas by continuing to search for a more profound purpose for our place in life. Opposition and critics should not deter us, but instead, stir us. Therefore, as infinite seekers and teachers, we stimulate mental health and impeccable wealth, rather seamlessly.

We are team oriented while acknowledging, challenging and appreciating each member. This is how we make profitable and reputable gains. Our acute sense of awareness enables us to set, reach, and extend goals because this ensures total progress. We autograph our works with impact and inspiration as purpose remains that deepest dimension within us.

Our elders teaches us to eliminate the useless weight and supplement our load with assets that empower us. We define what we resist, as well as what we insist on doing. Even in esoteric conversations, the message of fruition is evident. We cultivate our gardens of understanding.

We stand humbled by the closeness of family, the sincerity of friends, and the inspirational relationships that blossom with each aging year. Our cloudy days are sometimes a promise of refreshment that leads to revitalizing rain of serenity. We stand with twin beacons of vision and courage, beacons that will always shine bright.

We are resourced in a time of abundance but we must prepare for, and warn others of, possible economic and nature-occurring hardships. Awareness and preparation prevent shame from becoming a prickling companion. As wise leaders in our own right, we prepare for uncertainties by possessing the abilities to see threats to our stability.

We acknowledge questions that often shape the lives we lead. Experiences hold resolutions and potential lessons as we grow in curiosity, compassion and resilience. By embracing responsibility, commitment, and persistence we may continue to influence a discovery in science and technology. We grow as studious servants to serve humanity honorably.