A Natural Man


Walking a weeded path on a Saturday afternoon,

I stumble upon a stream.

An old man eating raw plants,

I’m bewildered by what I see.


With a small bag of edible insects,

he sets snares to trap small game.

Enhanced skills of survival,

he’s truly living off the land.


He speaks to me of nature

the benefits of fertile soil,

how to bring forth invigorating herbs,

and extract from leaves, a variety of  oils.


Retrieving what is healthy,

and being sheltered from what is not.

Tender snakes make a great solo meal,

as he boils a rattler in his pot.


A natural dish he prepares

with honey suckles for sweetness and added crushed pine cone as a spice.

Afterwards I will assist in gathering wood for an evening of warmth,

as the old man shares more noble advice.