Traces of Grace


I am soft spoken and occasionally, my life is filled with moments of laughter.
I strive to provide guidance and directives, but in a most respectful manner.
A great listener and extremely patient, and my conversations are dipped in harmony, empathy, mercy, and unity.

A mechanic in disguise, I desire build and bring about solutions.
I give generously to see others grow – without tooting my horn.
Caring goes beyond family, it extends into my community.
I crave to impart measurable love because my heart is free.

I am cautious not to be a judge or juror.
With me, there is no time for bickering or gossip, and the discord has ceased.
In my presence, the ill-disciplined adjusts their attitudes – out of respect for me.
I work to exemplify tracks of humility; my agenda is promoting peace.

Daily, I teach in areas of influence and awareness.
Touching many young minds, my teachings have proved true.
I have sat with angels who brought glowing smiles upon my face.
Their whispers are of a lasting harmony as I study their traces of grace.

Today, may my words hold a profound meaning.
May my prayers of deliverance manifest for generations to see.
Like many others, I desire to construct an honorable temple.
As a row along the rivers of life, may Godly works forever flow from me.