The pledge I must keep


I stand before you to debunk myths and shred habitual lies.
I sharpen minds and I formulate community ties.
I infuse relief to stir higher education and cognitive skills.
I arm young leaders, those who are influenced today but will guide for years.

My hands quiver from extensive training and exceptional labor.
I now research journals from nights on in with no disjointed agenda — just positioning you to win.
Together, we create a desired tomorrow and those truths you will defend.

I stand in solace, acknowledging philosophical books I have read.
Unrestrained energy moving like a fierce flame.
There are few limits, like being indecisive, slothful, or lame.
Your spirit of nature must not be contained.

I must never reject the educators and activists that push me to grow.
For I am a critical thinker. Training, I must crave for more — to advance to greater heights by following those who are well-fed.
Guarded progress are efficacious steps ahead.

Probing for strength, I am unhinged. My operational path is clear.
To change a condition, I must start it here.
To empower politically, I must master the rules and redirect the game.
I must serve on committees because you must see an active flame.

I seek no power or partake in immoral demands.
I must be a moral leader and not walk sideways with dirty hands.
I sit quietly on the beach where the cool waters rush against the sands – strengthening my pledge to work a practical and noble plan.