The Chemistry of My Character


Playful cubs are taking life for granted.

Mothers watching closely and their meals are well managed.

This lion is guarded, to say the very least,

from the jungle of challenges that confronted me.


I’ve been extremely sick,

restricted breathing, and I’ve acknowledged my death.

I’ve experienced great loss of family while acquiring slim wealth.

Washed, but still unclean.


I’ve been troubled by the ghost of misery and at times, others rejoiced.

I’ve been my own prisoner, one without a voice.

I’ve seen ambitions hijacked, while being a seeker of peace.

I’ve invited foreign detractors, but God’s mercy is free.


With stabilized emotions I advocate work, leveraging ideas while my mental keys turn.

Knots securely tied, my love is firm.

The essence of praise, its splendor is real.

From pages of exams, my character is revealed.