Depth of Perception


With emphasis on ethnicity, circumstantial background, and distinguished looks; one tends to measure a man by his physique, utilities used to quell his appetite, and how well he cooks – without even tasting any components of his cuisine.


Some men are measured by educational level, opinionated spurts, ability to incite action in others, or the content of what they write. Then there are men weighed by eloquence, companions courted at night, and political insight – without weighing the purpose and challenge of their flight.


Men are measured by properties owned, financial investments, and their marketable farm. Some are measured by their scope of work during their professional career, the sacrifices made to provide for and guide others, and ascribed charm.


It is not always appropriated to measure one by perceived luxuries, the presence of absent of valued watches, gold, and diamond rings. For I discourage being measured by the “perception of quality” and commercialized material things.


Measure me with a definable gauge, about eighteen inches long. Measure from my mind to my heart, if not, you got me all wrong. This will reflect truths of my morals, associated with the laws of harmony. The real character of this man and my sense of piety.