Still a Student

As a young soldier, I loved educational excursions.
People called me a teacher indeed.
I shared knowledge wherever I could. Especially, if presented a need.
In twenty-plus years I traveled about, meeting foreign and memorable fans.
From the streets of Djibouti, to the markets in Mombasa, Kenya,
to the sands of Northern Somaliland.
I shared thoughts on being of diligence and on the benefits of meditation too.
I even shared from the most insightful experiences,
what a suffering people went through.
The more I ventured in this complex world, I realized the limits of what I knew.
Life and time are consistently changing.
I am aligned with modernization and technological breakthroughs.
One night I grew slightly puzzled as I reflected, while studying the midnight skies.
I felt humbled and a tear followed
and the stars motioned before my eyes.
I laid back, envisioned the skies being a coded blueprint.
Then he said the eloquent words…
“I am still a student.”
A student journeying to foreign lands to see what I could learn.
Maybe someday I will claim the title,
that others say I have earned.