The Creative Mind

I embrace the challenge to transform my intellect to experiment with deep-seated ideas – with visions that encompasses the benefits of educational platforms, with eccentric training, with purposeful synergy of guided leadership, and with balance.
I embrace the challenge to be an innovator – an unconventional thinker who takes calculated actions to achieve goals which influence conditions. This challenge of realization is mine as I infuse commitment with a healthy dose of inquisitiveness and risk.
Today forward, I travel the paths of “What if” and “Why not”, by offering a fresh outlook that is complemented with newly fashioned concepts of defined benchmarks and unrestricted durations.
I must be able to capture the solutions to a crisis, disaster, or mishap. Therefore, I look for ingenuity everywhere while assessing threats, restrictions, and validity. I must always be one of poise and adaptability.
In order to be of continued purpose, I must know how to gauge my required input and expected output as well as how to assess areas in need of improvement. I must adjust accordingly, while noting that any shortcoming must be addressed logically.
To achieve my measurable goals, I will need to demonstrate tenacity, to understand the value of time, to build talents and resources, to collaborate wisely, and to exhibit a good sense of humor. And for each blessing I receive, I share with you.
Joe Shakeenab