A Creative Force, a Remarkable Friend


I am a creative force and at times, a remarkable friend.
On the surface I’m quite beautiful but I can quickly become a means to an end.
I’m satisfied as I provide joy or transfer you to a point in time.
I adjust to your vision because I have an indefinable imagination.

My vitality is often intertwined to an exclusive melody.
My bond represents a unique friendship that you need to see.
My closeness is rooted in shared triumphs and struggles.
My acquaintance radiates a form of mutual happiness.

Many elements depend on me; the plants, animals, and humans too.
So watch me and learn, work with me and possibly earn,
disrespect me and I will swiftly tame you. Be forewarned.
When pushed, I do not resist because I possess an insoluble existence.

I encompass your laughter, loud cheers, occasional fears, and even the tears.
With eagerness, you meet me but it is I who carries you.
With gratitude, I return the gifts of respect that I receive.
Keep what you distaste so I can be a joy to, and benefit for, others.

I allow you to see the magnificent vibrations of my soul.
The sun and the moon complements my glow.
My waves can be a point of clam and your moment of quietness.
Connect and be at peace. I am your river.