The Paths We Walk


We invite and ignite love while we acknowledge moments of laughter, the aches and pains, and the stresses of life, as we seek to gain greater forms of sharing. We act upon the love uncovered during the rough journeys that others have trekked – simply so we can experience a better today, and in small ways – give back.

We are fortunate to dine with those who value us and occasionally hold hands as we sip hot tea, and a few of us can spend time rubbing our adorable little pet while accepting our blessing of being free. There should be an exhibit of gratitude for the small things we have and stay attuned to our blessings by being of compassion and care.

We should constantly transform and work to hone our skills of empathy and diversity. We should desire to be that uplifting vocalist who lead this charge, singing lyrics to elevate others from the silence of measured misery. They too, desire the warmth and beauty of family and friend. They too, are hungry for affection, a love we can extend.

We consume spiritual vitamins as intellect increases. We are a community asset through the cultivation of love. Somewhere, there may be an elder who is in need of our strength but where are we? It’s time to be involved and continually reach back. Together, we have bundles of kindness and random acts. These are notes of one love.

We share a glimpse of the warmth that flows within our home. We encourage your hearts to increase in faith and to be strong – regardless of the hurdles they may someday face. So, listen to soft music that stirs the passion for a slow dance, or grab a good book to read while cuddling on the couch. Regardless – beauty shines.

We share sweet treats and joyous gifts of purity. We shape the conversations of this day as bliss unfolds. There is no time for idleness or regrets because our hearts are restored. Compact love is what we mend because we are the graceful winds. We desire a better tomorrow by pouring love in our families and friends today.