Understand Your “Why”


Promoting prosperity is a product of your creative mind. Regimented talks surround my worthiness as I consolidate and train a group of young brothers – scholars, not canines.


The profit from my undertaking is your active capital. I’m listening and assessing you as inadequate excuses are not welcomed. I remove the mask to reveal the exceptional potential – that’s brewing in you.


Presenting on the various effects of one’s action, illustrating how to prevent sinking into despair and debt. I’m sharing nuggets of wisdom from the great men, many who have crossed those tracks. I continue to reach back.


I’m here to mobilize movement for a positive interest, there’s no time to be idolized. I’m here to quail stupidity and with God’s guidance, ensure our youth rise. Stand and strengthen the stride.


I’m here to labor with today’s trailblazers. Let’s put the young troops in formation. Let’s partake in grassroots dialogue and increase their thirst for a quality education – through purposeful learning.


I’m here with an umbrella of forgiveness, which covers why strong bonds matter. Gloves are on as we work to produce solutions. Today’s time is spent on beneficial activities, thus, eliminating negative chatter.


Today, there is a system progress and accountability; with much more is expected of me. I’m hydrated by promoting harmony in families – this is why I’m here.