My Hands



Revitalized and refreshed,

I serve with gratitude because I am of tranquility.

I channel riveting energies and confidence since it is God’s grace that I elect to see.

My soft spoken expression may be limited but those words will resonate because

I am postured to empower greatness in others — by what I illustrate.



I seek to accomplish inconceivable things despite impossible conditions.

I yearn to learn what is needed as I persistently work to offset challenges.

I believe that I, along with those to my left and right, possess immeasurable gifts.

Together, we are a powerful force, so we work to mitigate unforeseen rifts.


With extended hands,

as I seek to give much of the greatness that is within me.

For the advancement of our youth, I am open-minded as I enter the gates in peace.

I support the efforts of people and agencies, and I am postured to serve as a guide.

My hands are stretched, I am ready, and I stand by your side.


I’m ready,

to plow the fields because this is a year of much work.

I’m standing in the coldness of the air, acknowledging the gifts of mother earth.

I vow to hold respectful relationships with others along the way because

I’m invigorated, and eager to build upon the achievements of yesterday.