Community Awareness and Civic Enrichment

The beauty is to pour energy into my community in a substantial way:
By learning about the various components vital to sustainability and by knowing critical aspects required to facilitate diversity, unity of effort, and collective growth.
Passionately, I inquire about areas that tend to suffer due to the lack of human resources and I seek to understand the associated distresses on the greater community.
This causes me to research area non-profit organizations, their roles and their effectiveness as I posture to lend insight to solutions.
The beauty is to pour energy in my community in a substantial way:
By spending my days reviewing assessments, analyzing results of leadership meetings, and implications thereof.
Furthermore, by knowing ways that I can be of value by utilizing my resources in a more defined and philanthropic manner.
By investing in my replacements that by default, will lead tomorrow, and by knowing that my inherent civic duty is to be a builder within my community.
The beauty is to pour energy in my community in a substantial way:
By defining areas where I can share my passion and talents, by aligning with agendas where my skills are relevant, and by pledging and delivering on promises in a timely manner.
By actively participating through direct efforts, by serving on committees, by promoting and participating in community forums.
Most importantly, I will pour energy in my community by getting our youths involved.
Joe Shakeenab