A Circle, Coated with Growth & Love

Allowing mystical melodies to slip from within as the crisp winter winds arrive, I clearly recall the last time a distant voice cried out, seeking comfort of a close friend. Harvesting thoughts of brightness, fantasies, and intangibles one can win, while holding on high waves as I position to funnel family fortunes in.

A vessel of emptiness, replaced by soothing sounds of delight and serenity. I observed the once abandoned souls with hungry hearts that spoke of vacancies. Now I admire paths of affection that causes emotional trembles inside, yet, I walk beyond the beauty of a flaring stride that the most camouflaged hearts cannot hide.     

Complemented by relief from soft laughter and the stretch of warm hands. The farther I walk on loose gravels, the softer the piercing sands. Strengthen, inspired, and now telling the sassy stories like my uncles often told during the long drives, I snap into a link of yesterday to connect to the old souls.

Seriousness subside and today, there is no need to wrestle with perceived insecurities. Leaning with confidence, closeness comes with the team that is postured to run with me. Sacred experiences shared has increased my faith and now, new dreams I must spin. There is an appealing aspiration aired, and conditions are set for hungry hearts to win.  

“Today, fulfilled and mentally free. Love for family grows strong within.” ~ Joe Shakeenab