Monthly Challenge for July

Theme: The Impact of Constructive Communication.

I have traveled far and with God’s grace, my journey of empowerment continues to increase. During my encounters, I often inquire about the story of other because I find that quite intriguing. I spend a great deal of my days communicating in some form, especially through face-face dialog, phone calls, emails, text messaging, and various other forms of social media.

Too me, constructive communication is the ability to convey a message between people through various means to address a concern or express a feeling. As I communicate, I often gain and impart nuggets of useful knowledge, especially with the intention to influence personal growth.

This month, I challenge myself and other to bless to those we encounter through constructive communication. Our greatness today was, in some form, painted by visionaries of yesterday. Now, we have an opportunity to stimulate through our words and acts of kindness.

In the words of Professor Lawrence Clark Powell, “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” These words convey a meaning that I am mindful of in my daily meditation.
I equally like the words of Israelmore Avivor, “Wisdom does not only reflect itself in a person’s knowledge of what to say. It appears also in his knowledge about how to say it and when it should be said!”

The Tasks:

During this month, take a moment each week to “write an inspirational letter or email” to two people you personally know, for a minimum of ten distinctive letters. These letters can be to people who are always giving of their time, talents, and resources. Include on your list those demanding but caring educators who caused you to rise above your own expectations. Do not forget that coach who imparted life skills that are even more applicable today. Some of you may want to write to that community activist who stirred your appetite and influenced your leadership skills. These letters can even be to a person that you seek to inspire.

Additionally, scribe a few words to a local business person who currently sponsors youth or elderly programs or serves as a noble volunteer within your community. Write to those that you observed over and over again, always giving so much to facilitate the growth of, and care for others.

Key points within the letters:
** These letters must outline the positive ways that he or she has influenced and / or continues to affect your life.
** Additionally, these letters can express your admiration for their contributions to young people, our elders, or programs within the community.
** Lastly, these letters must indicate how you will build off their energy and continue to assist as well as inspire others.


With each letter, assess ways you are inspired and what you are doing with such inspiration. Examine the impact of the enlightenment, what you have done with it, and your future intentions.
Determine which attributes you want to strengthen, used more effectively, and impart upon others.


For them: It will be emotionally touching to be reminded of the inspiration they have imparted and / or continue to give. It will ignite their flames of joy in an appreciative way, thus, enabling them to generate a few more smiles. It may encourage a few individuals at a moment in their lives when they are wondering if they made a measurable difference at all. They will treasure your letters, perhaps more than money. That is favorable.

For you: It will renew your focus of “being a blessing” with what you have while allowing your thoughts and actions to uplift others. It will serve as a reminder to continually build yourself in a way to be of greater service for others, especially young adults. Thus, leading to benefits of gratitude.


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With deep-seated eyes closed, my soul is not asleep. Despite the darkness, a burning vision I keep. Sealed in faith, preserved with spiritual love. My promises are for a greater you. – Joe Shakeenab