Monthly Challenge for June

Theme: New Heights

Focus: Adjustable Actions Upon Achieving.

This is an area I have learned to invest in over and over throughout the climbs during my personal and professional endeavors. As I have set, reset, and oftentimes achieved many of the objectives in support of an overarching goal, the need for forethought and tunings prevail. Thus, it’s essential to expound on positioning.  

As I ponder on this subject, I’m reminded of an awe-inspiring quote by Frederick Douglas, who stated; “You are not judged by the height you have risen, but from the depth you have climbed.”

I’m engaged in several key undertakings and I strive to keep them fun and fulfilling. Each requires careful consideration of time and talents. A few entails extensive resources. Therefore, to make each work, my mind remains in motion. 

Make it personal:

On the seemingly extensive and intriguing course of accomplishments, I pause repeatedly and ask myself key question: “How can I do better in areas x and y, thus, producing a greater z?” How can I serve clients and customers in a greater capacity? To this day, internal inquiries and responses resonate. My determination to be a better version of myself drives me as I enthusiastically embrace each day in unforeseen ways. I’m still a student.

Making gains can be stimulating and gratifying. Continuous improvement can be a beautiful thing. And this, I note along the way. Over the past six months, I’ve completed two eight-week sessions of a special creative writing course through the Community School of the Arts at APSU. And in doing so, I’ve sharpened my analytical skills and gained great strides with my book writing project. Someday, I will deliver a valuable product.

Furthermore, I’m increasingly able to respond to clients’ needs more meaningfully. New heights come with the rising of the sun as I march onward and aid others in reaching their end state. This helps me to have a more profound impact. At the end, I want to contribute to the premium quality of services provided.

Confucius once stated; “He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”

That, I find to be a true and resonating statement as the hours transform into days and weeks of time invested in growing. Hungry is an understatement as I become more conscious of the new heights I seek to climb.   

Create a Win:

With various tasks on my trestle board, there are others involved with the outcome. Therefore, in each case, I work to make the projects beneficial beyond wages, for all entities. As an example, with my writings, I seek to influence the select group of professional editors in other areas of their life. I want to be valuable to them. In my community, I strive to be a source of knowledge for entrepreneurs by aiding them with a more refined understanding of their business canvass. With associated services, I’m lending the right energy that somehow, is reciprocated to me.   

As I document some of my experiences of yesterday, I do so with the desire to make it significant to countless of others. That mental application is essential for constant movement in the proper directions. Thus, the learning continues and open critics benefit me beyond my personal endeavors.    

The Benefits:

The real profits come in the form of relevance. I’m gauging my time in more profound ways to include instructing, guiding, and mentoring others. I’m finding culture influence and being exposed to new situations are gratifying and psychologically stimulating. 

Confucius said; “By three methods we may learn: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

Traces of consciousness, courage, and exquisiteness prevail.

Growth Resource:

Mind-Mapping for Personal Development, Growth and Life Change. Craig Pennell, June 2018. Retrieved at:

Quote: “In the beauty of our skies, we admire the brightness of the sun, the glow of the moon, and dazzling formations of the stars. In the same sky, there are moments of nerve-wrecking thunder and fire-strikes of lightening that shakes us, mentally.” ~ Joe Shakeenab