Monthly Challenge for May

Theme: Grace and Gratitude

Focus: This is a perfect month to show the embedded grace within one’s canvas through an extension of appreciation.   

As I continue to focus on my writing project, I’m now afforded an opportunity to share inspiring segments of my work with a few special women in honor of Mother’s Day. I will also express my indebtedness to others in honor of National Teacher Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.  

May is recognized as National Mental Health Awareness month so there is an added cause for outreach and inner growth. In some regards, gratitude can be associated with one’s mental fitness. Therefore, promoting mental fitness in some form, is part of the overall agenda.

From traveling a colorful road of life, I find a positive outlook to be vital and the following words by Ralph Waldo Emerson resonate such importance. He said; “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”

Make it personal: As I reflect on the love, learning, and protection of yesterday as well as the opportunities of leadership today, it can be rather easy to find a reason to celebrate another person, especially a mother figure and a teacher. In honor of Memorial Day, I will be vigilant to show respect for military colleagues who have made the ultimate sacrifice. In some fashion, many others have impacted my life in profound ways. That, I will never forget.

I continue to make it a point to go beyond, in many undertakings, and that trait has become a habit. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that many have contributed to the fruits in my baskets of achievement and balance, and in a significant way.

Create a Win: This month, the win should be to elevate others in thought and appreciation. It’s sort of a shift in focus, intended to look inward but extend outward.

For me, it’s saluting others! In doing so, I will shower the mothers in my life, empower a few teachers with valuable tools, aid an elderly military Veteran, and be of service to a widow.

The Benefits: There is power in appreciation, there are multiple gains in displaying grace and gratitude.  In the words of Doris Day; “Gratitude is Richness. Compliant is Poverty.”  

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Quote: Distant thunder and occasional rains bring a calming presence to my spirit and soothing beats to my soul. This induces moral quietness, thus, making me whole, as I travel on.” ~ Joe Shakeenab