Monthly Challenge for May

Theme: Innovation and the next step.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers across the land. It is important to show some love to the Mothers in our lives and to ensure they are honored on their special day. My mother’s internal beauty reflects through me as I continue to advance in knowledge and application, and as I inspire others. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!!

This month’s focus is on how to thrive in aspects of personal development and accountability while being considerate of the spillover effects. In this context, the phrase “innovation” is synonymous with continuous improvement towards one’s measurable goal of being of greater value. In the context of this challenge, innovation is refining the process of goal execution in order to reach the desired end state.

May is the perfect month to focus on defined areas of achievement where rethinking and / or change is required as one accomplishes the milestones in support of his or her unique place in time. Confucius once stated: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Adding to that, I say go with great intention and consciousness.


This month, work to refine the practical approach to being a better you. Refinement can give clarity to what is being conducted in each phase, why it is being conducted, and how effectively the intent is accomplished.

With an accountability partner, review the reality of your goals stated for the first quarter (January-March) and April. Then, assess what you accomplished thus far, and the impact of the process.

Determine what could have been done more effectively. Be mindful to include preparation, required knowledge, and the integration of human and capital resources. Additionally, compare your cost to gains and examine three things you would do differently or you need to improve upon with setting and executing a goal. A good example of this is in the area of communication. Once there is an identified need, coordinate with a particular entity well before the support of that entity is required in the process.

For this quarter (April-June), and this month in particular, document and review the milestones for each set of goals. Weekly, with an accountability partner, review milestones and discuss the areas you need to enhance select practices or where special assistance is required. This may require you to venture outside your comfort zone.
Another task is to identify what habits limit the likelihood of attainment verses what habits enhance your approach to meeting your milestones. Each week, annotate how you think about ideas and feelings and how you act on such ideas and feelings. Mentally, walk your journey and see where you will arrive at the end of this quarter.

The last task is to operate in a forward thought mode. By this, consider what does your arrival means. Document and discuss instructive ways the attainment of your objectives will be of greater value. List the perceived spillover effects of attainment.


Each week, with the assistance of your accountability partner, document and discuss your personal growth as you work towards your milestones and the results of your actual achievement.

Measure the identified strengths and weaknesses of your practices. Adjust accordingly for efficiency and effectiveness of your time, talent, and resources by focusing on the following:
• Your goal and its impact
• Your implicit and explicit thoughts, execution, and the effects
• Your continuous ability to obtain and employ knowledge

Measure the systematic motion of your Continuous Improvement Map based on the below areas:
Set Goals
Identified Objectives
Identified Approaches to Achieve the Objectives
Identified Measures of Achievement
Identified and Computed Results
Identified Areas of Improvement
Ways to make the Desired Adjustments


1. You, with the assistance of your accountability partner, will uncover the roadblock in achieving your goals.

2. You will rediscover and renew yourself in the process of attentiveness. This equates to greater confidence and a focused effort to stay the course.
President Dwight Eisenhower stated: “Accomplishment will prove to be a journey, not a destination.” This journey of innovation in itself will enable you to refine your performance in other areas of life.

3. As you polish your practices, you will be able to serve as an asset to others in a more rewarding fashion.


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“I may never achieve all I’m capable of attaining. However, I’ll give my best and eagerly, I’ll offer my efforts to the development of you. Dare to grab the baton and run this race. Accept the challenge to take your place. Lean forward, be steadfast, and despite growing tired, continue on.” – Joe Shakeenab