Monthly Challenge for October

Theme: Fortitude Examined 

In this context, I associate the examination of fortitude to one’s ability to move with more precision, exactness, and success despite the challenges of time, resources, and relief. This includes assessing and building upon: one’s purpose at a particular point along life, a level of creativity, the identified governing principles that guide daily activities, and the intellectual means to understand and address thoughts.

When focusing on self-discovery, examine what one starves for as well as how that particular appetite is fed. This can be accomplished through an assortment of means which include one’s ability to imagine and understand scarcities and the variances. One can do this with the shield, sword and / or torchlight, or a combination thereof. Examining one’s fortitude can enhance possibilities for progress.

Aristotle stated that; “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Nelson Mandela eloquently said: “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

To me, fortitude is about being in a place that complements continuous learning while looking inward and outward, then applying that knowledge. That level of learning enables one to understand and embrace the opportunities of development and obligation which ultimately aid in some colorful form of change. Therefore, self-discovery must be an assiduous effort of individual evaluation. 


This month, discover a new level of you by assessing your greater purpose and applying principles through a measurable matrix. Seek to understand and to serve in a higher capacity that stirs your progress and shapes your arrival to a different place in time. Look forward to and take action to becoming hands of enlightenment.

The challenge is to uncover a unique gift or renew your strength from within by taking on a more active role in some area of your personal and / or professional life. There is no better time than now to “step it up” by identifying, developing and implementing talent!  Look within at your strongpoints and inquire where you can grow and apply yourself at a higher level or different platform. Below are three examples of self-discovery. I challenge you to look deeper and act upon your findings.

  • If your heart is with education, spend a greater part of this month learning about the impact that education plays in a particular part of your circle of influence and organization.

** Identify the gaps where you can lend your time, talents and / or resources.  A great example is how your organization can benefit from partnering with a mentoring program at a local college or an adult literacy center.

** Reflect on the times others aided in your growth through volunteerism of their time and talent.

** Assess how you can make an impact then volunteer to be a literacy coach, partner or supporter.

** Seek to expand the comprehension and application of learning principles into your daily practices and cause the audience to seek meaningfulness and utility of such demonstrated principles.

  • If your heart is with building others, assess the need for a variety of training that can increase teamwork, diversity, communication, and effectiveness in your business organization or affiliate charitable organizations. There, identify the gaps and build solutions.

** Volunteer to be a primary trainer or aid the program director in another fashion.

** Seek to integrate your productivity and performance in a reflective way to inspire others to communicate, share information, facilitate teamwork, and perform more meaningfully.

  • If your heart is with sharing knowledge with young adults, then speak with a teacher or administrator at a local school or an organization that hosts an after-school program.

** Assess your strengths and how you can enhance the lives of local youths through mobilization of resources needed to advance the overall program.

** Work with students, teachers, and program administrators to encourage creativity and external support in a profound way.

Greatness often starts with a vision that inspires and benefits others. Therefore, play an instrumental role in facilitating resource support while building your knowledge and skills. Be determined and be a difference-maker.

Simply put, the goal is to increase one’s innate creativity and open the windows of higher order thinking, guidance, and potential.


Assess what fortitude means to you in the key areas of understanding, growing, and the sharing of transcendent principles of alertness and development.

From the windows you stand before and gaze out, examine what purposeful learning means at this particular phase in your life and the role(s) you play in shaping ideas that lead to achieving more. 

Assess areas where you need to refine your approach in order to be a more effective example of optimism, trust and loyalty, work ethics, empathy, and individual responsibility.


You gain much by developing and stretching your mental capacity. You will confront the challenges that allow the individual, at various levels, to flourish.

You will be an example of building a better tomorrow by mentally investing in your future.

You will no longer expect yourself to under-perform because you will renew your efforts to develop talents while enlightening those to your right and to your left.

Self-discovery in itself is a gift worth acknowledging.


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