A Sensational Story

Somewhere there is a sleepless soldier, a sentinel who is studying sacred subjects of sophisticated sciences and symbols to set skyward standards while showcasing success. He is one with stimulating sessions of synthesized sustenance that generates shockwaves.

Occasionally, he shifts from the shelters of soft securities to sensible struggles, and from silent sacrifices to staggering social statistics that surround our seemingly shackled society. Thus, his stimulus solidifies the sources of societal setbacks, synergy and solutions. 

He is a saint with a supply of splendid sermons. His scribes are soaked in a subscription of a savory summary that signify being a stellar shepherd. He is one who shows systematic solitude and sweetness associated with sublime success.

Although sassy, he can be summarized as being steadfast, sophisticated but simple, swift and sentimental. Above all, he is a selfless servant who seeks sufficient strategies that bring stability beyond the surface – for successors and strugglers alike.  

He must continue to spread the substantial sweetness necessary to stir sparks of support needed to increase self-confidence, sharpness and skills within self and others. For he is the stamped subscription to spearhead tomorrow’s sanctuary of scholars, sustainers and saviors.