Beauty in the Backyard

An aging widow sits on her deck in the mid-morning hours, staring at the acres of blooming trees which borders her back yard. She looks steady, as if her husband is tending to the colorful plants which she adores daily.

With a heavy flapping sound, three vultures land near the edge of her property, capturing her complete attention and disturbing her tranquility. Scanning the area near the birds, she could not see a visible body. Perhaps there is a smell, just over the nearby cliff, left from yesterday.  

Her inquisitive cat wonders about and edges closer to observe the patient scavengers. He scoots near to ground, maneuvering behinds shrubs to conceal his presence. Clearly, the vultures are large enough to take on this little furry beauty and rip flesh from its belly.

Motionless, the widow catches the movement of her cautious cat and immediately fears for its safety. However, she can do nothing but study the area as she reaches on the nearby table to grab her spectacles for a more refined observation.

With that familiar swooping sound, another vulture lands. Two of them face off with wings spread. It’s a stunning but dangerous site. Perhaps a battle is imminent, the widow ponders. However, nothing moves during this stare and dare episode.

Then as quickly as the birds appeared one by one, they begin to fly off, all hovering over the trees near the cliff. The widow stands and at that moment, while her cat continues to sit, starring at the brutal beasts that fly above.