Considerate the Cognizance

When spackling the cracks of perplexity with emotional clay, I receive insight, transmit action, and squelch the occasional fear. From the lessons of an unorthodox path, my clouded existence is clear.

I disseminate a unique narrative about my ingenious life, and the implausible elements it includes. This thing others may call glory but for me, it’s my theoretical aptitude. And still, I seek to further understand me.

My consciousness has grown immensely, for improvement, prosperity, and harmony within the family are things I’ve sought. I’ve visited hell along those respective routes, God knows, I’ve paid one hell of a cost.

I’ve been taught by some of the most intolerant teachers, but for others, I’ve had to maintain a strong mind. I’ve completed some of the most challenging courses as many determined men fell behind.

I’ve been assessed as being hard core, prejudice, and sometimes patient. By sharing my expertise, many others have grown. Ambition and fidelity are essential keys, as I’ve sometimes faced the world alone.

I’ve been so mad that I’ve watched my hands tremble, as I witnessed things I could not change. I’ve almost lost all sensibility from enduring so much pain. Oh, how I can share pages of discernment.  

I went to several cemeteries, to find relief and total silence among the dead. At the most distressful moments, death invitation entered my head. In silence, I’ve wanted to watch the light of life fade.   

On another extreme, I became homeless, and live on the streets, but to me that was no big deal. Now I can honestly relate, to how a less-fortunate could feel. There, I learned the importance of simplifying my life.

Here is a historical context of self-reflection, as I enter a new phase of evolution. A healthy attitude of expressive roles, is the grand solution. I have traveled over many lands, extending kindness, and I have grown. But since I’ve traveled a controversial path, my mind forever roams.