I Once Dared…..

I once dared to take the lead, afraid to be out front.

I dared to be outspoken, with little reassurance, I felt I threw a feeble punch.

I dared to be the first to answer a question, thinking that I may be told that I was wrong.

I held back during the most challenges competition; my confidence was nearly gone.

I dared to strive for higher responsibility, I feared that I may lose control.

At times, I dared to be an optimist, despite having noble goals.

Then an old man came along, extending to me his aged hands.

Initially, I dared to accept his offer, and I choked upon hearing his illustrious plan.

He said: “To dare is to be doomed young man, especially before you even start.”

Follow the ways of wisdom son, you appear to be very smart.

All is needed was dose of encouragement, someone to believe in me, he was a caring guide.

I learned to counter the negative notions; I now encourage others to try.

I stir thoughts of a greater tomorrow; I promote others through my cultured insight.

My words are: Feel, have faith, give your best, and walk in your greatest light.

Believe and be inspiring!