Memories of Yesterday

Yesterday was beautiful and innocent was all love. The pages of education coated my tenacity as I embrace the challenges from above.

There were days I trained with some hard-core guys, from sunset to sometimes sunrise. There were talks about honing skills as we worked under the long summer skies.

I was immune to the sizzling heat while enjoying the occasional rainy nights. The small things brought the greatest delight, that reflectively, I treasure.

There was a great love for my family. They gave much of themselves to inspire others and so did I in return. Great examples of servitude, respect, and way to earns.  

I enjoyed observing my mother’s ways and I wanted to make her smile. Her love was a treat so I spoiled her with gifts, massaged her tensed shoulders, and ran warm water for her tired feet.

From hosting family events to planning adventurous trips, visits were frequent and seasonal gatherings were in. It was an opportunity to empower our youth so someday, they can win.  

I appreciated the beauty of reflections, the journeys of highs and the lows. These are recollections and the love that I know. Memories, my memories, of yesterday.