Mental Movement


I move with a magical message that resembles a mind-blowing metric of monolithic development and this intrigues me. This crusade mirrors a mesh of marvelous mysteries and it’s equally mesmerizing by a matchless melody that never escapes me.

Perhaps many of my reasons for alertness are measured with microscopic meaning that were molded in my memories of Mogadishu. The mischievous and militant-minds of yesterday never escaped me. But today, I hold a picture of blended modesty.

My multicolored recollections of machoism and monstrous movements influence my humility. However, I’m motivated to guide others as I hold a myriad of masterful maps. My mountains hold colorful peaks of moral refreshments.

Magnetically, I pull young men, those hungry for growth and refinement, to me. Some mused and muffled, others miffed. A few stand motionless. However, all are marketable and ready to make marvelous changes from within.

I have grown to understand that any misanthropic mercy is a musical miracle that must not grow within as the morning mist covers our glistening minds. Today, a masterpiece of beauty is what I elect to see. I’m simply moving – mentally.