The Beauty of Spring


On a brisk spring morning, I drive along the hills of an East Tennessee rock-laden road – admiring a new dawn. I am appreciative of how nature has embraced the coldness of the season.
I could easily notice the holes of uncertainty and isolation as many of the spring blooms leaned toward the ground, some appearing exhausted from the coldness of the night.

As I drive without fear or doubt, I imagine the colors of the field as all stand still, captured by time. The cows feast on their bales of hay and some young goats ran about – appearing eager to play. A flock of house wren or pine siskin fly towards a visible nesting place. Nothing seemed to notice me as I slowly creep along – in no hurry to arrive at a specific place.

There is a flowing creek with beautiful water rushing downslope. I desire to get a handful of this clear water – just to feel the coolness against me face. Perhaps I will pass for now, while taking thoughts of nature and at least one thing that I have learned to appreciate – this state. Just like nature, I must transition to a place of growth and space. Such a morning drive fascinates me.

Nothing pushy along this drive, in such elements I am free. Cruising, just me and a cup of hot herbal tea. Windows crack, fresh air flowing in. A piece of heaven is seeing foxes play near their den. A quite peaceful spring morning, no headaches or thoughts of weariness. There is a fascination about deep green blades of grass that an eastern cottontail rabbit sits in.

The shiny objects along the road are rocks with a reflection of gold, at least to me. My thoughts are on the mesmerizing meanings of every mile I drive, even admiring the emotional transition that develops inside of me. To spend a day doing this, I will someday miss but this morning this beauty is all I have.