The Colors Along the Hall

Daily, I maneuver through the shadows of imagination, chasing colors of mental relief. My reality is weighed by a temperament of a constant change. It’s beyond an example or explanation as I slip from bareness to delight. The conversations focus on notions of equitable therapy, sketched from the previous night. 

Pleased, and with organized judgments, I clean my strokes with blended rags. Awakened, my hunger stirs. Yet, I’m full from the metaphors tucked in my traveling bags. Planned or impulsive, the choice to be a hidden treasure is mine. Bright shades bring optimism to others as each coat depicts a unique room this time. 

Appreciating tomorrow, while today’s captivating dreams are contained.  There’s a rush of energy that cools me as I play with quiet pains. Electricity flowing, navigating unchartered dimness, my brush takes a dip, to paint a life with sprinkles of sweetness that sealed yesterday’s friendships.

Holding a different brush, the colors are based on harmonized goals. A stroke of red to demonstrates kindness of close encounters and stories untold. The waves of green incite movement, boldness, and the strength I no longer hold. Purple is a path to passion that complements my quest for serenity as I grow old. 

The places visited, books read, and people I have led, that happiness continues to flow. Blank spaces to fill, drawing what’s real, I expand my wings to fly. My colors transform happiness, seal a void and inspires – now I pause to sigh. The walls are splendid and today, this brush is my beauty, and I’m a butterfly.