The Youth


Radical views in progressive times,

radical debates for deep-seated minds,

radical trials bringing drastic fines,

but my sons – you stand with a future.


Unsatisfied truths as today’s leaders try,

to uproot old wisdom, young hearts will die,

our children see the changes as elders’ sigh,

my sons – you bring forth tomorrow.


Philosophical thoughts abound,

theoretical influence reflects what’s anew,

your manifesto is assertive and quantifiable,

my sons – you are rewriting the rules.


Drafting sketches of value and significance,

here, we become a force anew.

Let us chisel with a justified mission of deliverance,

my sons – you are the “bearers of truth.”


A stapled sign with a presidential seal,

subduing enemies, the friends you shield,

grown men cry while others heal,

my sons – you are here to stay.


~ Joe Shakeenab