Why am I here

In my many years I have sought unorthodox things. I’ve lived in some chaotic places, and I’ve experienced what most may never dream. I’ve received great instructions; I’ve been a student of the wisest of learned men. I’ve endured many difficulties, but today true freedom rings.

I yearn to promote measurable prosperity – for it’s a product of mastering the quality of time. Regimented talks surround my worthiness, my passion to train young men and my craving to influence minds. 

Profits from my undertakings are visible, my circle of inspiration acknowledged, and the active capital is surreal. I’m listening to the spirit within, and self-confidence rises daily as enlightenment is increasingly revealed.

I’m here to encourage quality of life, while swearing not to sink into any form of misery or debt. I’m here to soliciting righteous and good health, and to grow character through prudent mentorship.  

I’m here to mobilize movements for principled interest, and this transfers my emotional high. I’m here to breed effective enthusiasm from shared expertise, like a winning team on a wild ride. I’m here to side with talented trailblazers, those wanting to raise up and make a difference. I’m down for the grassroots dialogue, in cooperation with a unified prayer.

I’m here with an umbrella of forgiveness, which entails why strong bonds among men matter. With gloves on and ready to find solutions, I have no time for negative chatter. I come with a system of personal accountability, much more, I expect of me. I’m postured to uplift men and promote harmony in the family, that is why I’m here.