Monthly Updates

A Natural Man

[Monthly Featured Poem ]

  Walking a weeded path on a Saturday afternoon, I stumble upon a stream. An old man eating raw plants, I’m bewildered by what I see.   With a small bag of edible insects, he sets snares to trap small game. Enhanced skills of survival, he’s...

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Monthly Challenge for April

[Motivational Challenge ]

Identifying your signature: With various daily, weekly, and monthly themes we see, the beginning of spring has a unique meaning because it reinforces my passion for growth and it sparks my admiration for nature. My top three themes for April are:
  1. Stress...

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Empty Bowls (What Influences My Passion)

[Monthly Featured Poem ]

The year was 1985. Somalia, there I was.

Immersed in a culture I had never studied,

among a people draped in courtesy but guarded love.


Fast forward to March 1993. Somalia, I’m here again.

Amidst a...

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