Monthly Updates

Old Man Joe

[Monthly Featured Poem ]

It was a little past 10:00; the sun is glowing bright and the temperature hovering near 60 degrees. Old man Joe dragged his heavy heart, which was loaded with today’s burdens, along a musty trail behind his...

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An Intoxicating Canvas

[Monthly Featured Poem ]

My creation is a flawless illusion of transcribed metaphors, those dipped in a platonic style of unknown happenings. It’s a creation that takes me to a pleasant place that I’ve never visited


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Monthly Challenge for February

[Motivational Challenge ]

Milestones, Measurements, and Mobility

Theme: Engage / Reengagement   

Focus: Confidence and Calculated Traction   

“Time waits for no one”, are words often used reflectively but they can be used to...

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