Monthly Challenge for February

Challenge: Increase the effectiveness of your engagement

Focus: Confidence and Calculated Traction   

“Time waits for no one” are words often used reflectively by many elders. However, such a phrase can be used to propel one’s inner activity. Time can be a limiting factor; so, daily, one should strive to forge forward with positive thinking while grabbing and building on the traction attained. One’s positive energy can be integrated into a design label because it can shape one’s thinking, character, investments, desire to learn, sense of urgency, and outcome.  

Make it personal:

With stated intentions, move towards the objective to build on demonstrated undertakings while noting achievement and any required modifications, especially regarding weighing the efficiency of time on task.

Therefore, identify an area of focus, and make measurable progress!

As I drift heavily into the writing mode, I examine three points of interest, as denoted below, for my book project. A positive impact upon others is passionately imprinted upon my heart. These points are: 

1. My desire to share some personal yet fact-based experiences on the effects of influences upon my life’s journey.  

2. To capture some concerns that individuals and entities may have regarding techniques for facing and overcoming challenges encountered as a youth and an adult.  

3. To provide insight on the importance of continued mentorship and weighing the value of my circle of influence.    

Create a Win: Refining habits!

The environment can impact the ability to accomplish. Over the years, I had to learn, and sometimes re-learn, how to cut through any fog that lingers along the way.  

I constantly work to identify areas I need to refine in the process of achieving my objectives, such as scheduling and resource management. I work to set aside quality time each week to reflect, research, and write. To this end, I will develop a quality draft that will be accepted among a select audience in a most appreciative way. Of course, the discipline to be creative in thought, be open-minded, and manage time in a most productive fashion will aid in my success. Already, any doubt has starved!  

The Benefits:

Confidence in my writing ability is calculated against the quality of time invested in this endeavor. Early on, I identified certain benefits. However, some unforeseen benefits may appear as I finalize this project. As an example, by the end of this summer, my works will be packaged in a way to take others through my colorful journey. Who knows, I may form a new relationship along the way.  

Additionally, the benefits will transfer into dialog with my accountability partner, Floyd Stokes, of the American Literacy Foundation, as he works to facilitate reading at the elementary and middle school levels. We will serve as sounding boards for each other and build on the vigor to achieve. 

This undertaking will allow me to serve others with renewed energy, scholarly influence, and a positive impact, especially upon young men. I will unleash liveliness at new heights!

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Now is my time for mental rejuvenation. Through adaptability, conviction, determination, education, and resolve – I achieve.  ~ Joe Shakeenab