Monthly Challenge for March

Theme: Refining Strength

Life continues to present challenges to health and wellness, opportunities to prosper, and moments of peace. Regardless of where we stand, I challenge us to think about living, contributing, and achieving at our fullest potential, with the moment we have.

Define a Challenge: My challenge for this month is to Nourish a Lofty Goal, despite the uncertainties. Spend time developing what propels us to achieve, and continue to examine the impact of the story, as measured by personal output and desired results.

In the words of Frederick Douglas: “This struggle may be a physical one. The struggle may be a moral one. Or it may be both, physical and moral. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and never will. We may not get all we pay for in this world but we will certainly pay for all we get.”

Approach: Today, I’m pouring more energy into becoming a great writer of non-fiction. I’m using some of this undisturbed time to work on my book, Influences and Impact – Consciousness and Forward Movement. Why such lofty goals one may ask? Well, I want to give what was given to me through examples of how many have purposefully poured into my growth on various levels, for a long time. Furthermore, my end state is to share lessons from my education, training, knowledge, mistakes, and achievements.

End State: And what is the desired impact of my story, as measured by personal output and results? It is to highlight the energy and investments of others, from my childhood through adult life.  

  • I grew up poor, according to the U.S. Health & Human Services Poverty Levels guide. Many nights I went to bed hungry. However, my environment was rich in ambition, discipline, work ethics, and dreams. Early on, confidence and stern belief that I would excel was my companion.
  • As a young Soldier, I trained hard, lived simply, and was appreciative of every opportunity presented. With promotions and pay increases, I gave more assistance to my family. With education, training, and world experience I transferred many of the lessons to build skills within the family.
  • Today, I give so others can advance much further than me.

Confucius once said; As the water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it, so a wise man adapts himself to circumstances.  

Today, my vessel takes the form of an hour glass. It speaks to me as your vessel should speak to you. But what does it say?

“Cautiously study the answer because in some fashion, you are similar to an airplane on the runway, preparing for a colorful journey. Be it short or extended, remember that preparedness, coated with excitement and humility, is a beautiful thing. Do it! Achievement belongs to you.”

~ Joe Shakeenab