The Beauty of Service

I look back at the years I proudly wore a variety of military uniforms; the khakis, jungle fatigues, BDUs, deserts, ACUs, dress greens, and of course dress blues. Man, these were some great times; especially mission planning and execution – – all targeted as preparation to build skills in support of defending this Nation’s freedom and interest. Eagerly, I served. 

As I progressed in rank, so came greater responsibility. I planned for, led, and supported missions. I was charged to take care of great men, and eagerly, I listened to the concerns of families. There were high learning curves and frequently stressful conditions, but I was humble, and often worked with ease. Without thought, I served.

The days of being an operator are behind me, and so are the fun times of being on a command staff, serving as an action officer, and managing programs. However, I carefully packaged the knowledge of MDPD, force protection implementation, and accountability. There is much beauty in service, especially where I served.    

I have transitioned from a soldier to civilian, walking open-minded in a great community but never forgetting the Ranger Creed. There are psychological adjustments as I continue to encounter opportunities. However, my goal is always to share my talents, time, and resources. Today, it’s an honor to give back of what was given to me.  In my community, I serve.