A Widow’s Son, Philosophical Enlightenment

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~ A Widow’s Son, Philosophical Enlightenment

A  Widow’s Son, Philosophical Enlightenment is an inviting book of inspirational poetry illustrating the phases (physical – moral – spiritual) of my fatherless life which I have grown to understand.  We start out fearless and we are great dreamers. Somewhere along the way, much fades and sometimes our abilities of creativity are snatched away, seemingly before our eyes. However, once we understand what it is we truly seek, we value the narration of our path. A Widow’s Son, Philosophical Enlightenment illustrates my quest, and the quest of others in life — “A desire to attain inner peace.”


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Since meeting Joe in the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) training in November 1989, I have witnessed his professional growth. A Widow’s Son; Philosophical Enlightenment is a testament of Joe’s passion to build others. His servitude is beyond reproach. His life-skills acquired as a youth, infused with his Special Forces education (training and operations), give clarity of focus. His pen, so beautifully held, has unlimited potential.

Terry Johnson, CEO
The Champions Within


A crisis in a culture creates great philosophers, captivating writers, and inspiring poets. Joe Shakeenab transitioned from his sheltered life in the Mississippi Delta through the rigorous life of a Special Forces soldier to a successful career in the military. Despite cultural differences and oftentimes conflicts of traditions along the way, Joe maintained a sound mind.  Joe’s long military career was balanced with the art of writing poetry, as an avenue to showcase his long enduring hardships of living on the edge as a professional soldier.  Numerous combat tours are reflective in his poetry, so is his unique ability to display the struggles of concentrated loneliness.
Horace Murphy, Jr., Retired., U.S. Army