Sample Presentations

General presentations and training titles for students, staffs, and organizational members.

The indicators of your achievement: Identify & employ.
The utility of the vehicle you are building.  
Get the Interview, Get the Job.  
Your role as an Ambassador: Learn, lead, learn.
Your Engagement Map: Define, assess and refine.

The necessity of Teamwork.  
Attain Objectives: The approach, consequences and impact.  
Enhancing Leadership Potential: The significance of training & education.
Talent Management: Influencing your area of operation.  
Time Management: Who owns your time, eliminate distractors.  


Below are sample outlines based on former training presentations. Shakeenab Consulting Services can provide power-point presentations for a comprehensive overview of onsite works upon request. Email Shakeenab Consulting Services at for further information regarding presentations, training, or speaking engagements.


Click here to view a Sample Individual Training Presentation Outline

Click here to view a Sample Organizational Training Presentation Outline

Click here to view a Sample Student Leadership Presentation Outline