Somalia, Moments of Visions and Voices

If you want to enjoy some constructive, individual (and community) focused, leader (and management) centered, and thought stirring material, then Somalia, Moments of Visions and Voices is the book. $10.00 each (includes shipping & handling)

~ Somalia, Moments of Visions and Voices

This book will initiate the reader’s reflection on Somalia, the country’s ailing plight, and some noble intentions infused into the region during Operation Restore Hope and Operation Continue Hope. This book will stimulate deliberation and to generate awareness as countless personalities and organizations steadily work towards profitable actions in the region to heal decades of coagulating wounds. Additionally, this book serves as my charitable platform to “give back” to the Special Forces Community. This book was written, in part, during my tour as a Green Beret in the Republic of Somalia, from February 1993 – September 1993. Since then, I have expounded in contemplation with a personal agenda to share intriguing experiences, interesting stories, and collective ideas through poetry.


Reference: Somalia, Moments of Visions and Voices

“Joe Shakeenab’s poetry provides a truly unique look into Somalia and his experiences as a Special Forces Soldier. I have read numerous works over the years, and this one stands out as something pleasantly different. His descriptions and insight remind me of some of the works of Rudyard Kipling written over 100 years ago. Joe impresses me as a dedicated Green Beret absorbed by his surroundings and the culture of Somalia during his time there, and he effectively relays his perceptions and emotions through a medium seldom used in this day and age. I found this to be a genuinely enjoyable and thought provoking read.”  CSM(R) Chris Zets Vice Chair, Green Beret Foundation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~