As Quietness Speaks, I Listen

As the day nears its end, I shake off the demands of work and community service before entering my home where there is solace from the world of noise.  Like a shifting wind, I notice the curtains dance against the window, in sync with the ceiling fans. Instantly, I forget it all.   

There’s a sweet smell of dinner on the stove and I quickly fill a bowl of my favorite soup, with a side of a fruit and vegetable salad. I nob with a blessing because reassessing as I return to another bowl. Afterwards, I head to a bamboo laced chair on the deck, so I can relax in the light breeze of the evening air, in another world.   

Sitting, I stare into the deep woods, I catch beautiful movements of nature. The squirrels are retreating far up in the trees to rest. Birds are singing, but their colors are concealed behind their luxurious nest. It’s a soothing melody. I’m lost in this peaceful place of landscape.

A red tail fox detours around my flower bed as he heads in search of a meal. I smile with admiration as I capture an exquisite moment that is surreal. A deer stands still as wildlife dances at sunset.  I’m at awe, and somehow, I feel, like its friend.

The distant sound of dogs barking let me know they are alert, watching the inaudible shadows maneuvering slowly. Besides the fading barks, it is total quietness as I sit on the deck, drifting to a place I’ve never been.

Moving back inside, the dim light compliments the mood tonight. Before long, there will be creeping sounds and the occasional beep of the motion sensor. Perhaps a ghost is moving about, confirming the state of peace.  

In a deep sleep, perhaps I will dream of the lively shrubs in the yard, the bees pollinating the blossoming plants, the rabbits nibbling on the grass, or the humming bird hovering near the sprinkler for a cool sip of water. But not of any work that lies ahead.

In the quietness, much is said to me. No phone calls, urgent emails, or meetings, just evidence of appreciation for nature. It’s ours to respect, to treasure, and to hold because this will where the presence of peace unfolds – divine.