Attainment: Your Race, Your Pace

With a craving for achievement, walk gracefully towards a defined greatness.

Segments of the world will see your potential as you endlessly water the crops.

As you progress along your race, I can imagine colorful images of triumph.

You are the producer of the nation’s greatest hit.

You scribe an empowering book of impeccable lines.

You sculpt a mystic that influences young minds.

You share fruit baskets with elders and never charge a dime. This is just the beginning.

I Imagine:

You draft a new law on youth education that the State House and Senate pass.

You create a new fuel for vehicles, more efficient and cheaper than gas.

You craft a designer fashion, embraced by Generation X, Y, and Z.

Your diamond shines – you attract young hearts of gold.

Your words are crossovers, no distractions, as your hands build a gadget for future scientific exploration.

I Imagine:

You magnify a peaceful message to the world while the gatekeeper sleeps.

You have the power to birth victory and to console those in grief.

You devise a sculptor that is creative in feelings – no transgression.

You lead a charge of destiny with prosperity unrestrained.

You focus on the significance of building and setting valued goals.

If you only Imagine, you can achieve and be a guide for others. So, continue to walk gracefully.

~ Joe Shakeenab