Another year rolls in. Eagerly, we walk with great spirit – mentally.

It’s a time of newness of ideas, goals, and approaches, all with measurable gains.

There is no limitation because today, calculated endeavors are within range.

We have an extra pep in our step because today, we’re winning.

Times has its own story; it consists of many songs.

Some we proudly proclaim, while others harvest our fears. 

Yet, we have much to give, with creations of joy, and tethers of tears.

Today, the piercing fires burn inside.

With neither a brag or boast, we climb the steepest slopes.

With reach the peaks, while carrying the injured and meek.

Hard work betrays none as we reach deep to achieve.   

Repeatedly, we shape the seasons by the valuable lessons we leave.

As we become more weathered, our ambition shifts.

For our sons and daughters, we stand ready to support their gifts.

As their biggest supporter, our honor is to see them through.

For we want to see growth and prosperity for the family.