In order to grow we must inhale new forms of education, training, and exert greater efforts. Today, posture to promote other. Find meaning in these words and take them as your own. Be of inner peace and nobility.



Physical fitness is a form of mental fitness.
It involves education and the application of skills, daily focus, and patience.
It’s time that we increase our personal standards. – Jamal Shakeenab
Each day, we rush into life’s activities to fill our significant role. 
As I proceed throughout the day, I am cautious of my words and actions. 
I ask myself a “double-sided” question.  Whom will I help and how? 
In the quietness of the night, I answer the question.     –  Jamal Shakeenab 

Being fatherless inspired my appreciation to be a devoted father.
It shaped my purpose for being there to instruct, protect, and guide.
It stimulated my eagerness to aid others – to be better than me.
–  Joe Shakeenab


I am learning that leadership requires commitment.
It is fair to say I must define the purpose of my challenge.
I must embrace the leader’s  role and welcome the associated responsibility.
I may tire and at times, I may have doubts, but I must be steadfast and see my mission through.  –  Jamal Shakeenab
From the beginning, you provided as my adoring father.
Throughout my life, you have served, and did so with nobility.
Your paths were far from easy, but you were relentless.
Where others stepped with sadness, you imprinted a smile.
The ears of the distressed awaited your kind words, and you called.
At times, you were more than a compass. Fearing not, you took point and you led me through the darkness.
Today, you are the inspiration of my worthy cause. I walk upright, because of  your strength.  –  Jamal Shakeenab   
With each breath, we must assist and inspire.
It should never be an option – because it is the True Spirit of the Believer.  –  Joe Shakeenab
Today, the thunder & constant rain –
it is a calming presence to my spirit, soothing beats to my soul, inducing quietness, and making me whole. 
Once again, I am washed, refreshed, and refocused.  –  Joe Shakeenab
 Your hands I hold upon my chest,  
 inhaling your words with every breath,
 I’m most appreciative of your lessions –
 the churning sessions of instrumental love.  –  Joe Shakeenab
You have the vital talent to succeed, it snoozes within.  
Too often, we seek external validation while weeds cover our internal fortunes.
We pray when prayers are repeatedly answered because decisive actions are required of self.
We fear the next step unless others walk ahead.
We want evidence that tomorrow will be brighter than our yesterday without understanding what that entails.
Yet, our creative mind is free.  –  Joe Shakeenab
Yesterday, I saw passion walking down two paths.
Today, I saw tilted success and recoverable failures return.
Tomorrow, I’ll share pages of insight – wholesome beauty of lessons’ learned.
Despite the paths or impediments, challenge yourself to succeed.  –  Joe Shakeenab
Within each of us is a non-profit to fill an existing community need.
Therefore, we must no longer fill our days by criticizing the efforts of others.
We must mobilize and be supportive. Despite the weather conditions, we must “do”.   –  Joe Shakeenab
Your profitable trade starts with an idea.
This inspiration is shaped on a platform weighed by value.
However, its success is often limited in scope without a written plan.
Master the art of planning; apply it to all phases of life, especially growing and grooming the family.  –  Joe Shakeenab


In life, I write the reflective lessons;
those of being not so smart and not so poor,
those not of material wealth but rich in spiritual health, capitalized and complete – I offer it all, to build you.  –  Joe Shakeenab